Recipe: Brown rice tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown rice tea


The best dietary drink for diabetics. Brown rice tea has a good stomach and stomach, enhances the absorption function of the digestive system; improves the immune function of the human body and frees you from sub-health conditions such as fatigue, irritability and depression; brown rice tea is the most natural diuretic and promotes metabolism. Excretion of excess nutrients and toxins in the body, which helps the pancreas to secrete insulin, lowers blood sugar, and is the best therapeutic drink for diabetic patients. Brown rice tea is available in the supermarket and can be made at home. Today teaches you how to make brown rice tea.



  1. Put a clean, oil-free pot on the fire and set it on fire

  2. Turn off the small fire, pour brown rice, stir fry slowly, use a shovel to stir fry and do not burst

  3. Stir-fried to brownish brown, fried brown rice tea into the bowl

  4. Pour water into the pot and boil

  5. Add fried brown rice tea

  6. Immediately turn off the fire, cover, and stand for 5 minutes.

  7. Pour the cooked brown rice tea into a bowl or a cup. To prevent the rice from falling in, filter it with a strainer.

  8. In the cup, the brown rice tea is ready, and the rest of the rice is used for porridge or steamed rice.


1. Brown rice tea should not be drunk with protein-containing foods, such as milk. 2, tea soup and brown rice tea do not drink at the same time, because the effect will be halved.

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