Recipe: Brown rice tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown rice tea



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the brown rice and dry it. Stir in a non-oil pan until it is brown.

    Wash the brown rice and dry it. Stir in a non-oil pan until it is brown.

  2. Take the skillet, pour in the water, add the fried brown rice, cover, boil, and turn off the heat immediately. After five minutes, the brown rice was filtered and left to make tea. This is a tea

  3. The practice of secondary tea is simpler. In the pot, also pour eight parts of water, put the last filtered brown rice slag, boil, and then boil for five minutes on low heat, then drink and drink. This is a second tea


1. When frying rice, it is recommended that the brown rice be at least seven minutes dry, so as not to stir fry. 2, the fire of fried rice should pay attention, do not use a big fire, do not fry brown rice to burst, it is excessive. It is best to be yellowish brown. As for whether it is light yellow or dark yellow, it depends on personal taste. If you like the taste of coke, you will fry it for a long time and let the rice be dark yellow. If you don't like it, you will fry it for a while. But remember, deep yellow and light yellow, in fact, it will be a minute or two. I want to watch the fire. 3, when frying rice, it is best to constantly flip, so as not to lose the rice at the bottom of the pot. 4, the filtered brown rice slag should not be thrown away, you can continue to cook porridge. 5, if you have time, you can keep more rice at a time, and it will not be bad. 6. One tea and two teas can be used independently or mixed. 7, for office workers, you can bring some fried brown rice, to the unit with the hot water to drink, the effect is not bad. 8, must pay attention, do not drink with the brown rice in the tea, it is said that this effect will be halved.

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