Recipe: Brown rice seaweed roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown rice seaweed roll


This brown rice seaweed roll is made by imitating sushi, but the ingredients used are different from sushi. If the tools are easy to handle, it is simple to do.



  1. Two brown rice and one glutinous rice are cooked into rice. The glutinous rice is added to increase the viscosity, otherwise it is easy to spread when cut. If there is no brown rice, you can use white rice.

  2. Add some salt to the rice and mix well.

  3. The carrots are first cooked with oil, and the spinach and bean sprouts are cooked separately. Can also use other dishes

  4. Put the sushi seaweed light down on the sushi curtain, spread a layer of rice, leave a little overhead, and compact the rice with your hand or spoon.

  5. Spread the prepared dishes separately. I can use whatever dish I used. I used radish kimchi, cucumber, and tofu, and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I can’t buy kimchi now.

  6. Roll it up, be sure to roll it up, hold it with your hand, and press it tightly. It is also possible to roll directly without a sushi curtain.

  7. Finally, use a sharp knife to cut the seaweed roll into small pieces. When cutting, the knife should be dampened with cold water, so that the rice stick knife is not easy to cut. The previous process is very simple. This step is a bit difficult. If the knife is not fast or the roll is not tight, it is especially easy to cut. If it is really gone, it doesn't matter. Just eat it with bibimbap.


If you can't finish the seaweed roll, you can put it in the refrigerator. When you eat it next time, use a little bit of frying. The seaweed is fragrant and crisp, and it is better to eat.

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