Recipe: Broad bean crisp

Home Cooking Recipe: Broad bean crisp


In the season when the broad beans are on the market, although the price of fresh vegetables is still somewhat expensive, it does not prevent me from buying exquisite snacks; the green color and the delicate taste of the powder are very suitable for a lazy afternoon. ..



  1. Pour the broad bean puree into a square dish or container, let cool at room temperature until the broad bean paste solidifies, use the mold to press or change the knife into a favorite shape, which is a broad bean crisp; can be used as a pre-meal appetizer, cold dish or afternoon tea.


When the boiled beans are boiled, the amount of water is the same as that of the broad beans. After the water is opened, add 1 teaspoon of salt or eat baking soda. Pour the broad beans into the flowers without boiling, until the soup is basically absent; the agar can reach the condensation point at around 38°. This season, you can not put the refrigerator; the dried bean cake that comes out of this way is very refreshing and suitable for making refreshments; if it is too light, you can use the right amount of butter to fry the broad bean paste; the taste of the broad bean cake is sweet and salty.

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