Recipe: Broad bean blast

Home Cooking Recipe: Broad bean blast


At the time when the broad bean was on the market, I bought some full-bodied broad beans and introduced many times of broad beans. Today it is worth recommending! Broad bean blasting! The taste is very punctual, so fragrant!



  1. First cut the fresh meat into a thick piece, the fat meat is chopped, the garlic is cut into segments of about 1 cm, the red pepper is cut into a circle, and the meat is drenched a little.

  2. Put the lard in the wok, put the fat minced meat, fry the sauté on a small fire, fry the oil residue, pour the broad bean into the sauté for a few minutes, burst the scent

  3. Then put the pieces of meat together and stir fry, stir-fry the pieces of meat to harden, add red pepper rings and garlic to continue to stir fry

  4. Adjust the salt, drizzle the soy sauce and stir fry, squirt a little bit of water, and finally mix well with chicken.


1. The fat meat in this dish can play the role of finishing the finishing touch. The broad bean sprouting is particularly fragrant. The oil consumption of the whole dish is slightly more than usual. 2, the meat inside is not soft, is the taste of dry fragrance, a bit of chewing, very delicious, do not cut too thick, thicker. 3, buy broad beans, this dish is best to use the old one, the bean is full, the color is yellowish, the oil popped out of the broad bean is still a complete, taste a bit powder is very delicious.

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