Recipe: Brewed purple potato balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Brewed purple potato balls



  1. Purple potato peeled and cut into small pieces, cooked in a microwave oven or steamed directly from the water pot, smashed into a small amount of milk, put in a container, slowly add appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour (white sugar), knead into a uniform dough

  2. 搓成小汤圆

  3. Add a little water to the small stockpot and boil

  4. Put the dumplings in the pot

  5. Cook over high heat until the dumplings float

  6. Add liqueur and cook a little


1. Regarding the amount of purple potato and glutinous rice flour, I usually take purple potato as the standard. After the cooked purple potato is smashed, put it in a container, then add glutinous rice flour to the inside, stir with chopsticks, wait until purple When the potato is not very hot, start to smash and finally determine the amount of glutinous rice flour. 2, the long dumplings can be frozen into the refrigerator, the next time you eat it directly, it will be cooked. 3, I did not put white sugar, because I feel that the sweet wine is put, if you like to eat sweet, you can put a little white sugar when you knead the noodles

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