Recipe: Braised yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised yellow croaker


Fast New Year, this year's goods are almost ready, this year, I can eat a variety of fish back home, huh, huh, in the land of fish and rice is good, today, first come to the yellow croaker! Fish can be said to be indispensable for every family's New Year's table. The so-called more than a year, you have to eat Geely while eating lively, huh, huh, Chinese people pay attention to this!



  1. Yellow croaker removes viscera treatment and cleans up

  2. Fish knife, marinated with cooking wine, salt and ginger for two hours

  3. Remove the ginger from the fish and use a kitchen napkin to absorb the water.

  4. Hot pot cold oil, 80% hot, the fish front, two sides of the golden spoon

  5. Another pot, fry ginger, minced garlic, bean paste, add water, add salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, cook the fish and cook for five minutes.

  6. Add the green onion and add the chicken and red pepper to the pan before the pan.

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