Recipe: Braised red assorted

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised red assorted


If you want to eat braised and have a sense of guilt, try braising mushrooms and other vegetarian foods. Don't have flavors, nutrition and health.



  1. Dry tofu rolls, mushrooms and mushrooms are cut, and the water is copied.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, smoke a few peppers and put a lot of pepper, ginger and garlic slices into the fried two, according to the taste of sugar and stir-fry, put soy sauce and incense.

  3. Put in the tofu roll and mushroom. Stir fry the color. Add hot water (or broth) to cover the ingredients. Stew for about 10 to 15 minutes in medium heat, and collect the soup from the fire. Take a pot and eat!


When collecting juice, use the old pump to find the color, salt or sugar to find the taste. The soup doesn't need to be too dry, and the braised sauce is very cool.

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