Recipe: Braised prawn

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised prawn


Today, I saw that the shrimp in the vegetable market was only bought back, braised and braised. I remember that before I read it, my grandfather burned it for me. The fragrant incense is very hot, and the saliva is flowing fast...hehe...



  1. Shrimp is cleaned (usually more sophisticated people will cut off the shrimp's whiskers, and then pick the one that is dark inside, but the shrimp I bought back is alive and kicking and I don't know how to get it, so I will give it to the province. Lost, people who are so lazy like me will rinse more times.)

  2. Garlic washed and cut into pieces, ginger shredded, red pepper cut into pieces (this pepper is not spicy, mainly used to add color), dry pepper cut in half (like to eat spicy, more than a few dry peppers), starch water Adjust the spare

  3. Fire the oil and heat it, sauté the garlic ginger and pepper together, then prawn (shrimp fried), stir fry until the shrimp turns golden yellow, then sprinkle with the wine and soy sauce and sugar, then Pour the starch water into the lid and flip it over. On the way, remember to stir fry to avoid sticking the pan until the juice is almost the same.

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