Recipe: Braised pork with beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork with beans


It is purely an individual to play the work at will, but it is delicious. . .



  1. Dry the pig's five flowers and put them into the pot to dry. (Do not add oil in the pot) After a few minutes, the meat will turn white and continue to stir fry. The meat will start to dry out. After the meat is not oiled, add the soy sauce and sugar to make it color. .

  2. Add two bowls of water to the roast pork pot, add the cut beans and carrots, add a little soy sauce and a spoonful of miso, turn to a small fire after the fire is boiled, add the potatoes and dried to the hob when the juice is half-finished. Pepper, continue to collect the juice from a small fire, and wait until the juice is dried.


Don't be afraid to fry the pot, because the next step will be poured into the water. The pot is normal. . .

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