Recipe: Braised pork belly tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork belly tofu



  1. Tofu, diced green onion, cut pork, washed pork, cut small squares

  2. Put a little oily fragrant ginger slices in the ginger sliced ​​pot, put in the pork belly and stir fry

  3. Turn to low heat until the surface starts to burn. Move the meat to the side of the pot and add the tofu.

  4. Fried with fried meat to the surface of the micro-focus

  5. Put a proper amount of sugar, put on the soy sauce: soy sauce, put beer, no tofu and meat, put a few segments of green onion

  6. Cover the lid and boil over high heat and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

  7. Start to collect the juice, turn to the fire, stir fry, stir the juice, and sprinkle with green onion


1. The step of frying meat is the most important. I think that the smell of meat and fat is to remove the excess water before washing the meat. It will be delicious when the fat is fried and then seasoned with soy sauce. 2, the old draw and let go, let me say that it is personal preference, you can put it directly, and OK will not have any effect. However, I feel that soy sauce will be more fresh than soy sauce, so I always like to add some soy sauce. 3, before the summary of several fires to collect juice this step is very important 4, cut a small piece of meat, lady is

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