Recipe: Braised fish head tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised fish head tofu



  1. Heat the pan, add 1 tbsp of oil and heat, add the tofu cubes in the drain water and simmer slowly.

  2. Turn it over with chopsticks and let all sides fry golden brown

  3. Hot oil in hot pot, put in the fish head with dry water and slowly fry

  4. After frying one side, fry the side and add the ginger slices and fry them. After frying, add the water and boil.

  5. Add fried tofu and all seasonings, boil over low heat and turn to low heat

  6. Finally, add the shallot segment and the water starch to thicken the garnish.


1. South tofu is tenderer than northern tofu. When it is fried, drain the water before it will splash. Do not fry too old. The surface is golden yellow.

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