Recipe: Braised fish belly

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised fish belly


It’s the flesh of the fish thorns, the taste is especially fat.. Braised is the best! A very simple home cooking method!



  1. After the oil is burned to 7,8 minutes, the fish belly is cooked. It is okay to put a little bit of oil on the fish. The fish skin should be facing down. Try not to reverse the side and fry until the double side is slightly yellow.

  2. Pour out the excess oil and put it in a small bowl on the side. Don't take out the fish. Leave a little base oil in the pot, then scallions and ginger. After a few seconds, pour in two tablespoons of rice wine.

  3. Pour warm water in the pot (basically no more than half of the fish), soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, I like sweet, sugar will put! After boiling, the small fire will receive the juice, and the juice will be poured on the fish with a spoon.

  4. Then pour a little bit of water starch to make the juice thicker, then cook a little vinegar!

  5. Finally, pour the extra oil poured out on the fish and you can go to the table!

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