Recipe: Braised eggplant

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised eggplant


It’s a mood to cook a meal. I belong to a lazy person. I don’t like too much trouble. I don’t like to put too much condiments. I like the original flavor of the food. Let’s simply burn the eggplant :)



  1. Eggplant cut into thick slices, then change the knife into a diamond-shaped block (convenient to clip, huh, huh, feel the strip is not beautiful, the hob block is not good)

  2. Add a small amount of flour and an egg to the eggplant block, mix well, and paste on each eggplant~~, don't be too thin. (After the fried eggplant fried eggplant, there will be dark slag in the pot, it is not easy to clean, this After the paste is finished, there are few slags, and they are all small pieces, so clean up)

  3. Hot oil, fried, (I like this process, look at the eggplant block and put on beautiful clothes, can't help but eat a few pieces), after the fried, drain

  4. Leave a little oil in the pot, re-cook the fried eggplant into the pot, add onion, garlic, tomato pieces, stir fry, add salt, a small amount of soy sauce, stir fry ~~~ Finally add some green pepper pieces, then stir-fry ~~~~ Pan

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