Recipe: Braised carrot mutton

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised carrot mutton


This is a very, very tasty meal, depending on the quality of your lamb. If you can get the lamb from Inner Mongolia, I promise you will want to eat after eating.



  1. The leg of the lamb is deboned, the cut lamb is cut into small pieces, the carrot is cut into pieces, and the parsley is cut into sections. Cut the onion, garlic slices, and ginger slices.

  2. Chopped mutton simmered in water (meaning that the water is boiled first and then the mutton is dropped over the boiled water to help remove dirt and maintain a meaty taste)

  3. From the oil pan, stir-fry the onion ginger and garlic, star anise, fragrant leaves, and pepper. Add the mutton stir fry. (People who are afraid of flying peppers can fly the peppers first when the oil is hot, then remove the peppers.)

  4. Add cooking wine and soy sauce, a little soy sauce (be careful, don't shake your hands when you are old-fashioned, or you don't know what strange dishes you made in the dark...) Stir well until the fragrance . Add boiling water (must be boiled water, obedient. Pay attention when releasing water, don't put too little, don't recommend adding water afterwards) No lamb, after a big fire, turn to medium heat for 5 minutes.

  5. Add the radish block and cook for another 5 minutes, then transfer to a pressure cooker and cook. If you do not have a pressure cooker, please add the radish block and transfer to the casserole for about an hour. There is no casserole, but it can also be stewed, but my personal psychological effect is that the casserole is still fragrant.

  6. After the pressure cooker is finished, continue to pour it into the pot and heat it for a while to collect the juice. At this time, you can taste the salty taste. If it is too light, you can catch the salt.

  7. Students who don't have a pressure cooker to keep cooking in the pot, if they want to judge whether the lamb is good, you can try to poke them with chopsticks. Of course, trying to eat is also a method.

  8. After stewing, pan out, pour the soup, sprinkle with parsley, and prepare to eat!


It is strongly recommended not to add water in the middle. If it is necessary to add, it is recommended to let go of the water, otherwise the taste will not be guaranteed.

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