Recipe: Braised abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised abalone


Abalone sashimi is not used to eating? Bad stomach? Then directly braised abalone.



  1. Wash the abalone pork belly and slice the ginger.

  2. Into the oil pan, burst the ginger slices, pour the pork belly and stir-fry until seven or eight minutes.

  3. Add a little cooking wine, braised sauce, star anise, rock sugar (not sweetened, do not add), vinegar (in order to make the pork belly not hard), then add a little boiled water, a small fire

  4. Add abalone when one third of the juice is collected. Continue to simmer until the juice is collected, and release!


The abalone is added midway to prevent the taste from being too old. If you don't mind, you can start it. If the pressure cooker is smashed, the time will be shortened, and the small fire will take about 40 minutes to collect the juice.

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