Recipe: Boiled sand tea beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled sand tea beef


New combination of boiled and sand tea



  1. Beef slices, add salt, chicken, white pepper, sugar, etc. for a half hour, then add starch to catch

  2. Small dried peppers and black fungus are first scented with oil. In the process, the hands are fast, and the fire is on fire to avoid the fried pepper.

  3. Pour water or broth quickly (I don't want to eat too much oil in the summer, so I don't use the broth directly to use it), put the sand tea sauce and peanut butter into the soup, because both are high-density and very thick sauces. So use two spoons to pick up the scattered sauce and spread it out.

  4. At this point, turn to a small fire, add beef that has been tasted beforehand, and the beef should be picked up with chopsticks and sliced ​​into soup.

  5. After all the beef is finished, add the oyster mushrooms and cook together. After two minutes, the beef is cooked.


TIPS: 1. Turn the small fire when cooking beef, so as to avoid the degree of beef cooked in the first piece and the beef in the same period. It is not good to control the tenderness of beef. 2, black fungus will be very explosive after the oil pan, be careful of oil splashes.

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