Recipe: Boiled pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled pork


My favorite place for this dish is the last step of pouring the oil, the small boiling fry in the pot, then the aroma is overflowing~啧啧, it feels great o(≧v≦)o~~//update the recipe , to reduce the unnecessary spices, sorted out the logic of the words, should be better understood ~ Boiled shorthand: bean paste + spice (optional) fried red fragrant into the water to boil, into the dish (and the right amount of salt) cooked all poured out of the pot, then burn the hot oil in the basin. Remember this method, you can evolve any boiled dish~



  1. The ginger is half-half sliced ​​and half cut to use. Pork cut into thin slices, add salt, pepper, ginger, starch, egg white and mix well for use. a basin to be used (for dishing)

  2. Other vegetables take corresponding measures according to the nature of the vegetables. For example, if the bean sprouts are cooked, they should be directly laid on the bottom of the basin. The roots and stems of lettuce and potatoes are sliced ​​for use, and the mushrooms and vegetable leaves are torn into strips for use.

  3. Put a small amount of oil in the pot and heat it. Into the salt, the more easily cooked dishes (such as: cabbage, lettuce, and leaves) are slightly fried and thrown into the pot.

  4. Heat the oil in the pot, add the watercress, ginger, and sauté to the oily red and stir the scent. The water is estimated to have not exceeded the amount of all the ingredients.

  5. After boiling, turn into the dish to be boiled, cook until the vegetables are ripe and boiled into the meat. Cook for 30s-60s. Decisively turn off the pot and sprinkle the dried chili noodles and peppercorns.

  6. Put the oil into the pot, burn the fire in the fire, and sprinkle the oil in the pot evenly in the dish. When you get it, you can eat it (ˉ『ˉ)


1. The meat slices should be as thin as possible and thin, and the curing time should not be less than 10 minutes. 2. When you fry red oil, you must have patience. You must make the oil red and red, and it is delicious and beautiful (*^__^*) 3. The meat is so troublesome to get the starch and the egg white and the ginger powder is to make it more smooth and tender, don't be lazy~ There is also the best choice of tenderloin~ The amount of egg white is just enough to cover the meat, not too much It is obvious that the egg white liquid is filled in the pot and there are more pieces of meat... There are more egg whites and even egg and bad soup... 4. When the meat is sliced, it must be placed after the water is boiled. Otherwise, if the cold piece of meat is in the pan, the water will open the meat and it will be old. In addition, the meat really only needs a few tens of seconds. When the meat piece 9 is mature, it is also faintly able to see the pink feeling, then you can turn off the fire and pour it into the basin. Because in the end, it will be poured with oil, and the oil will be fully cooked. This kind of meat is very tender and tender~ 5. If the egg white is licked, the egg will gently peel off the small shell and skin along the crack, so that the egg white can flow out of the small hole. The remaining egg yolk is used for soup or fried rice. 6. If you really predict that the water volume is incompetent, you can add a small amount first, and then find that it is not enough to replenish the water in the later stage. Remember to make up the water. 7. Step 5 Before cooking the meat slices, you can first remove the side dishes from the pan and fill the pots first. Leave only the soup in the pan and then the meat. The effect is better~

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