Recipe: Boiled peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled peanuts


It is best to cook in many ways of eating peanuts. Boiled peanuts are the simplest and most scientific way to eat peanuts. They preserve the nutrients of peanuts intact and taste very delicious. Although the practice of boiled peanuts is very simple, there is still a small trick to cook. As long as you master a little, you can make a taste of the farmhouse peanuts that are very tasty and pure in a short time. The key trick is to gently press a finger on the front of the peanut with your thumb and forefinger. The peanut shell cracks a small hole, which saves time when cooking, and the taste of the soup is easy to go inside. It is.



  1. Peanuts are washed with water and washed until there is no sedimentation.

  2. Gently press one end of the peanut with your thumb and forefinger to split the peanut shell into a small hole. Press all the peanuts in turn to open a small mouth, so that it is easier to cook when cooking.

  3. Pour the processed peanuts into the pressure cooker

  4. Add water, the ratio of water to peanuts is 1:1.

  5. Put a piece of cinnamon, two octagonal (like the taste, you can put some spices in the house, like spicy, you can put a few dried peppers to cook together)

  6. Put 4 tablespoons of salt, about 20 grams. A pound of peanuts 10 grams of salt is more suitable

  7. Stir the peanuts with a shovel to make the salt and peanuts more evenly mixed.

  8. Cover the lid and cook for 20 minutes. Do not open the lid immediately after cooking.

  9. Take out the peanuts and control the water, you can eat. The rest continues to soak in the juice, the longer it is, the more it tastes.


1. Peanuts must be cleaned until soaked in water without sediment. Otherwise, it is not salt water peanuts but mud peanuts! 2. Before cooking the peanuts, gently press one of the front of the peanuts with your thumb and forefinger. The peanut shell cracks a small hole, so that the taste of the soup is easy to get inside when cooking, and the peanuts are Can quickly taste. 3. Do not pour off the water of the peanuts, let the peanuts always in the juice, and take out some when eating. 4. Peanuts that can't be eaten should be placed in the crisper and stored in the refrigerator. When storing, pour some soup of peanuts, so that the peanuts will not dry and affect the taste.

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