Recipe: Boiled dumplings with clams and radish seedlings

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled dumplings with clams and radish seedlings


Using oysters as stuffing dumplings, some people may not accept their unique flavors, but with fresh clam meat stuffing, the delicious taste I think no one can refuse. This dumpling is made with scallions and simmered radish seedlings. The nutrition and taste are very good, green and healthy, nutritious and delicious.



  1. Add a little bit of flour to the water, stir while stirring, then knead it into a smooth dough and cover it with a damp cloth for half an hour.

  2. Pork is first cut into cubes, then roughly simmered

  3. Pick up the cleaned radish seedlings into the boiling water pot, simmer until the color changes, remove the shower

  4. After draining the water, finely chop it

  5. Wash, cool, boil, boil and peel

  6. Rotate the clam meat in the original soup, drain the water and spare

  7. Chopped green onion ginger

  8. Mix the chopped radish seedlings, diced meat, onion ginger and clam meat, add oil, salt and soy sauce to taste, mix well

  9. Finally add a little sesame oil and mix gently

  10. Take out the kneaded dough, knead it, and apply it.

  11. Wrapped in fillings, kneaded

  12. Dumplings are opened in the water pot, after three-thirds open, remove the plate


1. The glutinous varieties are selected according to their own preferences, but they must be chosen to be fresh; 2, using the meat to make stuffing, must ensure that there is no sand, after peeling the shell to take the meat, cleaning with the original soup is the best method; 3, fresh shellfish is the best natural fresh-keeping method, no need to add seasonings such as MSG chicken; 4, if you like, you can use amaranth instead of onion, the taste is also very positive.

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