Recipe: Blueberry White Chocolate Frozen Cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Blueberry White Chocolate Frozen Cheese


Hurricane cake piece with rim and substrate (28*28 baking pan) Cake edge (6 inch live bottom die)



  1. Egg yolk, oil, water, stir well, sieve into low powder

  2. Stir well

  3. The protein is sent to the coarse foam, and the white sugar is added in three times, and it is sent to the near-dry state of 90%.

  4. Take 1/3 of the good protein cream and add it to the egg yolk batter.

  5. Bottom the bottom, mix it up and down, and pour it back into the remaining meringue

  6. Bottom-cut, up and down

  7. Take 1/5 of the batter and add the pandan sesame oil.

  8. Mix evenly

  9. Put in a disposable flower bag, cut a small mouth, and squeeze the batter on the baking tray

  10. Pour the original batter, smooth the surface, gently shake the baking tray, into the preheated 175 degree oven, the middle and lower layers (the bottom layer is inserted into an empty baking tray), about 16 minutes, cool off

  11. Pull the mold directly by hand

  12. Traces in the baking tray after demolding

  13. Baked hurricane cake, put it at room temperature, draw a round cake piece with the bottom of a 6-inch cake mold

  14. The remaining strips cut into approximately 3cm wide

  15. Long strips of cake, every three sets, smeared with jam, stacked, cut into small strips about 7 or 8 mm wide

  16. Small long block cake strip stitching

  17. Put it into the cake mold and put it in a circle (here, try to be as close as possible)

  18. The bottom of the mold is practiced on the bottom of the mold. 1) The rounded cake piece (because the mold wall has been padded with a circle of cake, practice 1) is too big, need to be cut off, spare; white chocolate Gan Na: Favna White Chocolate 75g, Anjia Animal Cream 150g

  19. White chocolate in whipped cream

  20. Heat in a microwave under medium heat, take it out every 20 seconds, stir until completely dissolved, mix well

  21. After putting it at room temperature, pour it into the cake.

  22. Refrigerate in the refrigerator until solidified

  23. Cream cheese softened at room temperature, heat-insulated, stirred until smooth without particles, add yogurt

  24. Stir well

  25. The cooking machine is made into a muddy blueberry, placed in a microwave oven, heated under microwave heat, and placed in a gelatin tablet that has been softened with cold water and drained with water.

  26. Stir until the gelatin tablets are completely dissolved and pour into the cheese paste

  27. Stir well, cool down

  28. Add white sugar to the chilled whipped cream and hit it in the state of 6-7 ounces ( barely flowable)

  29. Put the blueberry cheese paste at room temperature into the whipped cream

  30. Use a scraper and mix evenly

  31. Pour into the already solidified white chocolate ganache

  32. After refrigerating until solidification, pour in the cool blueberry jelly solution, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it until it is solidified. After demoulding, put lemon slices and fresh blueberries on the surface and sprinkle with pistachio.

  33. Blueberry jelly: Put the blueberry juice into the microwave oven and heat it under medium heat. Add the gelatin tablets that have been softened with cold water and drained with water. Stir until the gelatin tablets are completely dissolved.

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