Recipe: Blue/white leeks soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Blue/white leeks soup


Amaranth is divided into white leeks and red leeks. Among them, white leeks are also known as green leeks, which is what I used today. Amaranth is abundant in summer, its body is soft and smooth, and the taste of the dish is thick. The entrance is sweet and has a moisturizing effect. It is rich in calcium that is easily absorbed by the body, promotes the growth of teeth and bones, and maintains normal myocardial activity and prevents muscle spasms. It is also rich in iron and vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting, increases hemoglobin content, enhances oxygen carrying capacity, and promotes hematopoiesis.



  1. First, remove the purchased amaranth from the roots, leave the youngest leaves, and wash thoroughly with water. Garlic is broken and ready for use.

  2. Put the oil in the pot. When the oil is 70% hot, the garlic will be scented and into the water.

  3. Wait for the water to open, put the right amount of salt, and then add the leek

  4. boil. When the leek is soft, add chicken seasoning and turn off the heat.


1, like the pros of the scallions, you can also add some chopped green onions when you transfer the chicken essence ~! 2, eating leeks, avoid eating turtles, will be poisoned. It is not suitable to eat with spinach and fern powder. (Pros must pay attention to it~!)

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