Recipe: Blackberry Pistachio Semifreddo

Home Cooking Recipe: Blackberry Pistachio Semifreddo<Blackberry & Pistachio>


Fangzi translated and modified the blackberry pistachio rose semifreddo from The semifreddo in Italian means "half-cold" semi-frozen (slightly warmer than frozen dessert, so called semi-cold dessert), taste between ice cream and admire Light, silky and delicious between the silk. The practice is simpler than traditional Italian ice cream, because the semifreddo tastes a little fluffy than ice cream without repeated mixing. The best temperature for semifreddo is 4 ° C, and the hardness is just right. When you eat it, take it out of the refrigerator a few minutes in advance, wait for Microsoft, you can pour it out of the mold, cut it into pieces with a sharp knife, add jam, sprinkle with nuts, and serve with biscuits or biscotti. . This time it is a combination of BlackBerry x pistachio. The basic taste I replaced the rose with brandy. The texture is more solid than the raspberry, and the steps are also simple. The amount of square can make 450g toast mold. Previous simifreddo ice brick series look here: raspberry chocolate marble Semifreddo →



  1. The mold is covered with plastic wrap, leaving a margin of four or five centimeters around.

  2. Eggs, egg yolks and sugar are mixed. The hot water is sent to the white thick (4-5 minutes) with an electric egg beater. After removing from the hot water, continue to play for 4-5 minutes or cool with ice water.

  3. Light cream was sent to seven or eight. Add the 2 step paste after cooling, pistachio and wine, and 2/3 of the blackberry, mix well. Pour into the mold and fold the excess cling film over the surface to freeze to hard.

  4. After taking out from the refrigerator, the mold was returned to the mold for 5 minutes and then released. The surface is decorated with 1/3 of the remaining blackberries.

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