Recipe: Black sesame wine stuffed pound cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame wine stuffed pound cake


The recipe of the black sesame pound cake is based on the "Pound Cake 123", and the wine is added to add sweet and fragrant flavors. The drunkards are high up. The amount of squares I made 23*4.5*6 slender pound cake mold 1 + 3 paper cups (three more paper cups because I want to use two whole eggs without egg liquid, so there is no conversion). At first, the little friends said that they are weird, or they changed into wine, everyone Shutan ~ black sesame + wine is not necessarily equal to rice balls (⌒▽⌒)



  1. Mold buttering powder (outside the amount) anti-adhesive, non-stick mold can be ignored

  2. Softened butter and sugar are beaten into feathers with an egg beater. The volume becomes larger and the color becomes lighter. Add a spoonful of scoop to the broken egg liquid. After each addition, use the egg beater to mix and then add the next time.

  3. Mix well and add a spoonful of spoonful of milk and wine to the juice. After each addition, use the egg beater to mix and then add the next time.

  4. Mix low-gluten flour, sesame powder and baking powder, then sift into the butter paste, then add the wine to the rice and mix thoroughly. (If the sesame powder is too large to be sieved, it can be directly added with the low-powder powder after sieving. )

  5. Batter into the mold, seven or eight minutes full (if you want the mushroom head can be eight or nine minutes full) 170 degrees baked for 50 minutes, baked to 10 minutes, you can take out a crack with a damp knife

  6. The brewed syrup is made during the baking process. After mixing the sugar and water, the sugar is melted and the sugar is boiled. After the fire is cooled, the wine is poured into the water.

  7. After being placed for two or three minutes, the mold is released, and the wine is brewed with syrup. After all the brushes are finished, they are sealed at room temperature and sealed. It is recommended to take 2-3 days before eating.


If your glutinous rice is sweeter, you can use the commercially available white jade glutinous rice. I think the sugar can be reduced by 10g. When I cook the syrup, I am lazy, there is no open fire, but the sugar and water are placed in the small bowl. Heat, take it out for 10 seconds and stir until the sugar completely dissolves the sugar water. Black sesame powder I used to cook, the kind of supermarket grinding.

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