Recipe: Black sesame egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame egg roll


Making an egg roll is a recipe, and each person's ratio is different. I also come to contribute a crisp, egg roll that everyone can do. If it is calculated with 10 points, its brittleness is 6 and the crispness is 4. If you like to eat a little bit more, you can try it. A lot of tips, are the key points for making egg rolls, one can not be less. Finally, the egg roll is skilled, and it takes a lot of practice to do it.



  1. After the eggs are broken, add sugar and mix well, then add oil and mix well.

  2. Sift in a portion of the flour and mix well, then sieve a portion of the flour and mix well until the flour is mixed.

  3. Finally add black sesame stir

  4. The fire will first fully heat the egg roll mold on both sides, then change to a small fire, and smash a spoonful of batter about 20ml onto the egg roll mold.

  5. Slowly cover it and buckle it. Heat for 30 seconds on one side, then turn over and open the egg roll mold, turn the egg cake 180 degrees, then close it and continue heating for 30 seconds.

  6. Finally, use a chopstick to pinch the end of the omelet and roll it up quickly.


1. Before the egg roll is made, the mold should be burned on the stove for a while, and the egg roll will not be uneven in color. 2, the crispness of the egg roll is the number of eggs used, the proportion of the egg is thicker, the egg roll is more crisp, the proportion of flour is more brittle, the egg roll made by this recipe is crispy. 3, in order to eat the taste of childhood, the recipe uses vegetable oil instead of butter, tastes very good. Vegetable oils are best chosen for light taste, such as corn oil or sunflower oil. 4, the cake near the handle part will be relatively thicker, so before you fry the other side, you should turn the egg cake 180 degrees first, turn the cake on the handle to the top, then heat it together, this will come out The thickness of the egg roll will be the same. 5, the color of the egg roll is too shallow, indicating that the water has not evaporated, and it will become less brittle after a while, so it is best to fry one side into a light brown and then roll, that is, when you can't hear the sound of "嗞嗞" Turn over and open the mold roll when you can't hear the sound of "嗞嗞" 6, when you roll the egg roll, you must do it in one go, and with the help of your hands, you can roll out the beautiful egg roll with more practice. 7, no egg roll mold can be replaced with a non-stick pan, but to add more oil, otherwise the batter can not slide in the pot, it will be very thick. In addition, the time for each side is extended by 20 seconds. 8, this recipe can be used to make egg rolls around 13

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