Recipe: Black rice sponge cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black rice sponge cake



  1. Black rice soaked one night in advance, rinsed clean

  2. Put in a blender, add a small amount of water, stir into a black rice slurry

  3. Filter with gauze and drain the black rice flour for use

  4. Eggs into the egg bowl, add sugar, use the electric egg beater to send the dripping batter for 2 seconds without disappearing

  5. Black rice flour is added to the whole egg paste, and the mixture is evenly mixed.

  6. Pad the bottom of the mold, pour the black rice paste

  7. Steam for about 15 minutes


1. The bottom pad of the mold can be anti-adhesive and easy to release. 2, a cup of black rice into a pulp, to play more times, the finer the particles the better 3, the black rice water drained should not be dumped, you can make cakes, do the steamed bread 4, cut the mix should be even, do not circle, to the bottom, to prevent the egg paste defoaming 5, this test is equivalent to black rice cake, using the whole egg to initiate the effect of bulk, the taste is very good 6, black rice sponge cake can be mixed with black rice flour and glutinous rice flour, add foam and powder to help hair, and this taste will be different

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