Recipe: Black pepper steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper steak



  1. Beat the steak a little, it is tender, use a paper towel to dry the water

  2. Apply some black pepper to the olive oil and marinate it.

  3. The pot is hot and hot, and the steak is added.

  4. 1 minute on each side, can't be long, it will be very old, don't repeat it! ! Only 1 time! ! ! Key

  5. After the pot, I bought the ready-made black pepper sauce. Heat it and pour it on the steak.


1. If you make black pepper sauce, you should put some salt when pickling the steak. If you buy ready-made, you don't need it. It is salty. 2. The steak is marinated in olive oil. Do not put oil in the pot, otherwise it will be very old. 3. The pot must be a big fire, hot enough, can be quickly cooked, and instantly lock the water of the beef. 4. If the thick steak feels too raw, heat it in a microwave for 30 seconds. 5. The beef should be sucked dry. When pickling, don't talk about what you want to add to the wine. You can't put it wet! But don't want anything! Summary: It is better to have some, and don't overcook, completely bite! Haha, my husband used to do it, wasting expensive steak! So I did a lot of homework before! Big deal microwave oven for 30 seconds, microwave heating is from inside to outside, not old!

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