Recipe: Black pepper sauce with mashed potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper sauce with mashed potatoes


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  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces, steam them, and knead them into fine mashed potatoes. Cut the mushrooms and pork belly into thin diced.

  2. Put a little butter in the pot, put it into the mashed potatoes, stir-fry the steam, and put it on the plate.

  3. Put a little oil in the pot, put the diced meat into the oil, then pour in the mushrooms and stir-fry, add a small amount of fresh soup.

  4. Transfer ginger water, a little soy sauce, oyster sauce, black pepper sauce, salt, chicken essence. After the soup is thick, pour the juice on the mashed potatoes and sprinkle with shallots.

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