Recipe: Black pepper mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper mushroom


It turns out that before you finish a dish. I can never be sure that I am going to be a god horse... I originally wanted to make a sweet pepper and apricot mushroom. When I fry, I suddenly changed my mind and turned it into a black pepper sauce, apricot mushroom, etc... Hahaha, but That's how it is innovative! In fact, when I was doing this dish, what I thought in my head was that I had been surprised by the fact that I had to eat 3 servings in a Hong Kong-style restaurant and I couldn’t eat it until I stopped. The black pepper fat sausage ==#~I think that black pepper tastes really Very correct! So I immediately changed my mind to make black pepper-flavored dishes~~ Although wood has black pepper and fat sausage, it is so enjoyable, but for the cheese that likes the taste of black pepper, this black pepper mushroom is really good, Pleurotus eryngii itself The absorption of the taste, the taste of the black pepper is very good!



  1. Wash the slices of Pleurotus eryngii and slice the sweet pepper. Put the wok into the base oil and heat it into the apricot mushroom and stir fry it.

  2. Take a bowl of black pepper, salt, a few drops of sesame oil, a little starch, add water (predicted to barely pass the amount of mushrooms) and adjust to black pepper juice for use.

  3. At this time, the Pleurotus eryngii in the pot has begun to soften out of the water. Turn into the sweet pepper and stir fry a few times. After 8 minutes of cooking, pour in the black pepper sauce and stir fry evenly. Loading


The degree of juice drying is based on personal preference~

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