Recipe: Black pepper beef tenderloin spaghetti

Home Cooking Recipe: Black pepper beef tenderloin spaghetti


The favorite of spaghetti fans~~Wow~~~❤



  1. Cut the beef tenderloin, scald with hot water to the blood, and marinate with Haitian seafood sauce and a little sugar. (Remember not to put more sugar)

  2. The spaghetti is cooked in cold water and allowed to dry.

  3. Cut radish, cut green pepper, cut onion.

  4. First, the marinated beef is fried in a pan to 7,8 mature.

  5. Stir the radish green pepper onion in a frying pan. After the sweetness is over, put the black pepper sauce, beef, black pepper and stir fry.

  6. Finally, put the spaghetti, add Haitian seafood sauce stir fry, try to taste salty, add some black pepper sauce and soy sauce.


Black pepper sauce is very important, Lee Kum Kee looks good, and soy sauce, must be Haitian seafood soy sauce ~~ ❤

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