Recipe: Assorted small warm 煲

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted small warm 煲


Assorted clams are the first choice for nutritious soups. The soup becomes more and more delicious as it cooks, and it is a classic tonic. Under the embellishment of a variety of vegetables, Hormel classic QQ sausage is rich in protein, blended with rich vegetable fiber, it is a perfect match, it is mouth-watering and lingering.



  1. Classic QQ intestine cutting knife; asparagus washed to the skin after cutting, Yulan tablets washed slices, carrots peeled and washed diced alternate.

  2. Mix the right amount of broth with water, boil on high heat, put it into the QQ intestine and boil it with medium heat. Add the magnolia slice, asparagus, and carrot to cook for 15 minutes, add salt to taste, and finally pour a little sesame oil.

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