Recipe: Asparagus fried crab mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Asparagus fried crab mushroom


At the time, asparagus was fried with a variety of fresh mushrooms, and the taste was very delicious.



  1. Asparagus removes the old part and washes it.

  2. Wash the mushrooms and dry them.

  3. Boil the boiled water, pour a little oil, salt, put the asparagus into the pot to boil water, cook it slightly, remove the asparagus and remove it and rinse the water to keep the asparagus green.

  4. After the pot is washed, heat and put the oil, add the crab mushroom and stir fry for a while, put the asparagus into the stir fry, add the salt, season the chicken, and stir well.


I am sometimes lazy, asparagus does not have water, and it is cooked directly with mushrooms.

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