Recipe: Anshen Bunao Lotus Seed Pig Heart Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Anshen Bunao Lotus Seed Pig Heart Soup


The daughter became a high-ranking party, how can I eat it? Help Baidu, said this soup to soothe the nerves, blood and nourish the heart, restlessness, forgetfulness, memory loss has a certain effect, record, often do later.



  1. Wash the pig's heart, fly water, soak the lotus seeds, spare

  2. Put ginger slices, pig heart, a little cooking wine into the tile support, put the lotus seeds about an hour and a half before the pot, continue to lick. Cooked salt and chicken.


The whole or half of the pig's heart is more likely to be soft and bad, and the taste is good. Don't put lotus seeds too early, otherwise it will become a paste.

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