Recipe: Ai Ye tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Ai Ye tea


Ai Ye is also known as Xiang Ai, Ai Ai, and Artemisia argyi. It is bitter, spicy and warm. It enters the spleen, liver and kidney. Can dispel cold and dehumidify, warm and stop bleeding.



  1. Ai leaves are washed and chopped.

  2. Put the oil in the pot and fry the leaves.

  3. Put the leaves in the blender and add the cooked peanuts. Put a bowl of warm water and stir!

  4. Open the water and let it cool to 80 degrees. Pour the tea leaves into the pot, rinse and put some salt.

  5. Warm, not bitter at all.


When brewing tea, the water must be cooled to 80 degrees.

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