Recipe: Abalone porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone porridge



  1. First cook the porridge with rice in a pot (put more water) and add a few scallops. Then go to the market to buy half a catty of abalone, shallots, and then buy some fritters, bag points, etc. that the family likes to eat. When I came back, the porridge was cooked too much. The rice cooker was changed to heat preservation (the casserole was changed to a small fire) and the ginger was added to continue cooking.

  2. Take out the abalone meat with a knife (do not use the abalone's belly), cut into thin slices, wash and add to the porridge and cook for 1 or 2 minutes to turn off the fire, then take a while. Adjust the taste, add some chopped green onion, abalone porridge is ready

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