Recipe: Abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone


The abalone market buys abalone for a few bucks. The abalone in the restaurant is cheap and easy to do. It is especially good for entertaining friends.



  1. The abalone let the boss help clean up, take it home and wash it, and cut the knife on the surface.

  2. Packed abalone with cooking wine, abalone and white pepper powder for 10 minutes.

  3. Asparagus is cooked, cold water, drained and placed on the plate.

  4. Put the fuel in the pot, abalone juice, sugar, cooking wine, onion ginger, water, stir well, add abalone, fire, and remove the abalone out of the plate after three minutes.

  5. The remaining juice is taken out of the onion and ginger, and the starch is added to the rice and the abalone and abalone are placed on the rice.


Do not cook abalone for a long time or it will harden.

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