Recipe: A bowl of soup-filled woman's bloody soup - Wuhongtang

Home Cooking Recipe: A bowl of soup-filled woman's bloody soup - Wuhongtang


Five red soup: red beans, red dates, red skin peanuts, brown sugar and simmering soup as water. The red dates in this soup have the effect of strengthening the spleen and blood, and benefiting the water; while the deep red peanut clothing (which has been included in the Pharmacopoeia) has the effect of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding; the sputum is to supplement the liver and kidney; the brown sugar is good for tonifying blood, spleen and warm stomach, generally Maternal women also take brown sugar to nourish the body. Therefore, the most important effect of this side is to nourish blood and blood.



  1. Red beans are soaked for 3 hours in advance.

  2. Wash the above raw materials (red beans, red dates, red-skinned peanuts and alfalfa) and put them into the pot.

  3. Add the right amount of water, boil over high heat, and cook over low heat for 30 minutes.

  4. Transfer brown sugar before the pan


Wuhongtang also has a good effect on ordinary anemia people. For example, women who have excessive blood loss during menstruation have dizziness, pale face, etc. They often drink Wuhong Decoction, which can nourish blood and improve symptoms of anemia.

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