Recipe: Zucchini Milky Egg Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Zucchini Milky Egg Cake


Many times, I like to make small cakes for Xiaohongguo. It is really simple and convenient. It is even more convenient than dumplings. Basically, all kinds of dishes can be added to the batter to form a small cake. It’s a good idea to grab food as a hand. It should be emphasized that Xiaohongguo can eat whole eggs after less than 10 months. She is not allergic to egg white, nor is she eating whole eggs as soon as she comes up. It is also gone, egg yolk, slowly overdoing a little bit of egg white And then a little more, this process, because not allergies, dare to eat for her. Regarding what age can eat whole eggs, childcare experts are also controversial. Cui Yutao’s appeal on the first two days of Weibo is not to eat within one year of age. Bao Xiulan’s opinion is that he can eat, and some Ma Ma said that foreign doctors are also It is recommended that the whole egg should not be eaten within one year of age. The pediatrician of the Union Hospital said that he can slowly try and say that the foreign doctor does not absolutely prohibit the baby from eating whole eggs within one year. To enumerate the above doctor's point of view, it is not to prove how confident it is to give the child a whole egg, but to tell Ma Ma, or to make an objective choice based on the child's own situation and make a judgment. Give this recipe to everyone, because this is very simple to do, taste good, give you a new idea of ​​eating eggs, and do not blindly encourage Xiaoyue baby to try. But in the end, I still want to say that the taste of the whole egg is really much better than eating only the egg yolk, no matter how it is eaten. Um~ Ok, I am actually very embarrassed :)



  1. Mix the right amount of water with a proper amount of flour and mix it into a paste. Beat an egg and mix well.

  2. Add the zucchini to the batter and sprinkle a little bit of dry cheese.

  3. Use electric cakes to spread into small round cakes.

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