Recipe: Zucchini fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Zucchini fried pork


Barbie is a chef-level figure in my eyes. After I ate the zucchini fried meat he made, I learned it myself. Wood had him doing well, but it was still delicious.



  1. The material is cut, the loin is cut into pieces, and the zucchini is cut into pieces.

  2. Put the loin into a small bowl, put some cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, pickle for a while, zucchini put some salt, also pickle

  3. Put the oil in the pot, add the onion and garlic to the sauté after the heat, pour the pieces of meat into it, simmer for a while, and then discolor

  4. Wash the pan and re-oil, fry the zucchini, stir-fry until the meat starts to soften.

  5. Stir-fry evenly, put a little soy sauce and some salt, and let it out!

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