Recipe: Zhou Heiya original po statement

Home Cooking Recipe: Zhou Heiya original po statement


I haven't landed in the kitchen for more than a year, and today I am scared to death. [Several statements]: 1. I am not a swindler. Zhou Black Duck recipes are heard from my friends. I was eager to share the amount of ingredients used. The recipe is written by my mother. Mom is also estimated to say, so there will be some discrepancies, you can do according to the recipes of others after the improvement. 2. Writing recipes is a matter of a few years ago. At that time, the baby was still a student, I don’t know if the recipe would be like this. Fire, um, I was the first to send, no plagiarism. 3. Although the recipe is very bad, I don't plan to delete it. 4, I hope you refer to some of the more complete recipes behind to make delicious week black duck ~ above!



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