Recipe: Zephyr onion beef rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Zephyr onion beef rice



  1. Do Dashi soup first. Khumbu cut a half of the postcard-sized piece and wiped it clean. Prepare half a liter of water, preferably with a water filter. Or use softer mineral water. The kelp is soaked in water for 20 minutes.

  2. Put it in the pan and cook it slowly.

  3. Turn off the heat when you are about to open, add a squid, and simmer for a minute.

  4. Filter out the clean soup. It’s Dashi.

  5. Cut the onion into thin filaments, cut the slices of beef, soak in the water to soak some blood (the beef should be fat, you can buy the hot pot beef directly)

  6. Take a small amount of Dashi (not to add half-lift soup to = =) plus appropriate amount of water, Japanese sweet soy sauce, Wei Lin, my general soy sauce and taste of the ratio is 3:1 looks like ... especially good sweet mouth can also Add sugar. Boil in the pan.

  7. Add onion and heat until it is smashed.

  8. Add the beef slices and cook. Slightly remove the foam and collect the juice.

  9. Pour on the hot meal. Sprinkle seven flavor powder.


Dashi I usually do half a liter at a time, cooking can be used, and the rest of the soup is added to the soup, saying that adding half a liter of water is only to explain the ratio of kelp to water. It’s good to actually cook and how much you look at.

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