Recipe: Zephyr bud fresh fish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Zephyr bud fresh fish soup


The squid has been a famous tonic since ancient times. The fish belly is the best edible part. The meat is tender and tender, and the meat is delicious. The soup with kelp buds is the scent of the squid, the sweet and mellow soup, the fresh and refreshing fish, supplemented with With smooth and tofu, the mouth is delicious. (Using pots: Yangfeng modern group pottery pot; cooking time 30min; eating number: 6 people)



  1. White miso should be mixed with cold water and cut into pieces.

  2. Wash the chopped fish belly and cut the chopped green onion.

  3. Add 1600cc of water to the pottery pot and add it to the ginger and squid. Add the kelp bud and the squid fillet after the soup is rolled. After boiling again, add the prepared miso and simmered meat for 30 seconds. Finally add rice wine and chopped green onion. Put on the sesame oil and turn off the heat.


Delicious still needs a good pot to present. When stewing the soup, the air tightness of the pot is high, and the ceramic pot with good sealing performance is selected, and the good inner circulation can make the unique flavor of the fresh scent of the milkfish completely remain in the soup bottom.

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