Recipe: Yuzhu Shashen radish radish duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Yuzhu Shashen radish radish duck soup


I am a very sensitive person, it is a hot and humid physique. Every time the skin starts to feel itchy when I start to feel itchy, the effect is very good. Of course, it varies from person to person. If you also have a dry skin, try to find the cause.



  1. The first step: the duck is cut into pieces, and the ginger and rice wine are placed in the water.

  2. The second step: the medicine package and the duck and the water are stewed together. For a few hours, it is necessary to look at the aging degree of the duck meat. It is easy to insert the chopsticks into the second step.

  3. The third step: put the water radish slices half an hour before the pan, sweet and not fragile

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