Recipe: Yuzhu Lily Sydney Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Yuzhu Lily Sydney Soup


This soup tastes sweet and moist, moisturizing the lungs and spleen, suitable for a soup that is moisturized in autumn and winter.



  1. Polygonatum, lily, candied dates, figs, dried tangerine peel, slightly soaked.

  2. Sydney is cored and cut into pieces.

  3. Wash lean meat, cut large pieces, drowning.

  4. Put about 2000 ml of water in the pot, put all the ingredients into the water and put them in. After the fire is boiling, simmer for about 2 hours and transfer the appropriate amount of salt to drink.


1. If the lean meat is not drowned, it can be boiled slightly with boiling water. 2, can not be used for two hours, only add lean meat soup for an hour to an hour and a half. 3, it is best to use the pot to simmer, the soup is rich. 4, this is 3-4 people.

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