Recipe: Yuba Shanghai Qing

Home Cooking Recipe: Yuba Shanghai Qing


Shanghai Qingshen Ma's most loved! In Guangzhou, I can only eat the mustard and the sweet potato leaves.



  1. Garlic into a squash, the dish is washed, the yuba is soaked

  2. Cold pot hot oil, fragrant garlic, the next yuba continues to stir fry, add chicken once here, because this dish is slightly salty than garlic greens, continue to stir fry

  3. Shanghai Qing continues to stir up

  4. Wait until the leaves are a little softer, add salt, then cover the lid for 3 minutes (see personal preference, like rotten or like green)

  5. Take it, go out! ! ! ! ! ! Prepare the band like a small master


If the Shanghai green that you bought is not fresh and dried up, you can add some water before boring.

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