Recipe: Yuba carp

Home Cooking Recipe: Yuba carp


Um~~The disc is a little worse, forgive me for rushing to eat, but it looks good and tastes good!



  1. 1. Wash the fish and cut the drained water, add salt, oil, sugar, cooking wine and raw powder for 15 minutes. The yuba is first oozed with water for 15 minutes, and the drained water is used for spare.

  2. Dissolve the eggs, pour them into the marinated fish gizzard, mix them evenly, stick a thin layer of raw powder, fry them in a hot oil pan, fry until golden, and pick them up.

  3. Continue to drain the yuba from the water into the oil pan and quickly pass the oil (we usually call the oil) and pick it up.

  4. Pour the oil from the pot, leave a small amount of oil to fry the onion, garlic, ginger, then add the yuba to the pot, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, stir fry, add the fish, pour in half a bowl of water Stir fry, add the wine and cook for one minute.

  5. When boiled water to collect juice, you can put onion, thin clam juice (raw water), a small amount of oil stir fry, on the saucer, ok!


1, there is no skill, just pay attention to the individual taste of salt and oil sugar in the seasoning, you can add some oyster sauce in the simmer, the taste is relatively strong and the sale is good. 2, onion cut into sections, scallion used as a scent, green onion and then can be used for decoration.

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