Recipe: Yuanqi Meal Ding [Three Steps Fast Food]

Home Cooking Recipe: Yuanqi Meal Ding [Three Steps Fast Food]


I have been working in Guangdong for many years. My favorite restaurant must be a tea restaurant. If you are hungry, you can eat there. If you are free, you can stay there. How to quickly judge whether a tea restaurant is qualified, just order a pineapple oil, a cup of frozen lemon tea, plus a bowl of egg noodles, this product is not good, try one. The most difficult thing to discard is the bowl of egg noodles, which are also said to be "meal", "egg" and "face". A Hong Kong old man colleague has a brilliant summary: [the egg noodles on the meal is the "meal egg", the face must be a little bit, the mouth should be refreshing, the egg should be the sun egg, the meat should be thick and then fragrant, the original sesame oil on the other ! 】I feel it!



  1. Cut: sliced ​​lunch meat, thin and thick, no standard, depending on your taste (authentic Hong Kong style is thick and authentic);

  2. Frying: Into the oil (not sticking to the pan), the whole egg is simmered, and the whole side is simmered into a half-boiled egg (sun egg), which is served; by the oil of the omelet, the fried pork pieces are slightly fried, and the two sides are golden and taken out. ;

  3. Cook: take the pot to sit in the water, add cold water to the mixed vegetables, the water is opened below, the pot is set up in 3 minutes, and the seasoning package is placed; [Note: before the sesame oil bag is started]

  4. Code on the sun egg and crispy meat, add sesame oil according to the taste before starting, oh~ yeah, right!


1. Generally, I will fry until the oil in the meat is forced out. It is more healthy. Secondly, there is a scorching scent. Then the meat will absorb the noodle soup. The hard body can continue to bring a good taste until it is finished. 2. Because it is called a meal, so I used it before, and the sesame oil doll face is of course also possible! 3. Regardless of the instant noodles, it is inevitable that some of the last bite is a bit greasy. It is recommended to pair it with a cup of Hong Kong-style lemon tea (the frozen one is even better!), relying on it for refreshing and greasy!

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