Recipe: Yolk yolk pumpkin

Home Cooking Recipe: Yolk yolk pumpkin



  1. The old pumpkin is peeled and cut, and the egg yolk is scattered with a small spoon (the more scattered, the better)

  2. Put the pumpkin strip into the boiling water with a little salt and cook until 6 minutes. Drain the water after the pot is too cold.

  3. Drip the pumpkin strips, add the raw flour, and let each pumpkin be wrapped

  4. Put more oil in the pot, lower the pumpkin strip, and fry the oil after the surface is hardened.

  5. Put a little oil in the pot, stir the salted egg yolk until it is foamed and pour the fried pumpkin strips.

  6. Gently flip, so that each pumpkin strip is stained with egg yolk


1. Pumpkin is best to pick the red heart of the old pumpkin, make the color more beautiful. 2. Add salt in step 2 to make the sweetness of the pumpkin release better, so the amount must not be much. 3. When cooking the pumpkin, it will be fine. It is easy to break the egg yolk after being cooked too much. 4. The amount of salted egg yolk is increased as appropriate, and my egg yolk is somewhat less.

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