Recipe: Yogurt mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Yogurt mousse


Yogurt Mousse is made by adding a gelatin solution and whipped cream to the yogurt. It tastes like yogurt, but it is not just yogurt, because there is lemon and sugar as a blend, plus Milky and fragrant cream, so the taste will be much richer than yogurt. The cool and refreshing taste is very suitable for summer. If you mix some seasonal fruits and have some colorful colors on the creamy yogurt mousse, then this small Desserts will be more attractive. In the vast world of baking, the process of making yogurt mousse is simple, and the finished product is very simple. However, there are several processes in the process of turning yogurt into mousse. The key is to wait. . . . . . But in the end, the cold yoghurt mousse slowly opens in the mouth. When the sour, sweet, light, heavy feelings are slowly presented, you will feel that the previous troubles are worth it, because you get the enjoyment. It's not just as simple as yogurt, like the soothing cold jazz of the same song, which will make people enjoy from the bottom of their hearts. This dessert is also suitable for small babies because there are not many sugars.



  1. Pour the whipped cream into the pot and stir it in a direction with the whisk until the whipped cream is cured (cured, such as a shaving cream), then placed in the refrigerator for later use (high temperatures will defoam the cream) So need to refrigerate)

  2. Cut the gelatin tablets into small pieces and soak them in cold water until soft

  3. Pour the yogurt and powdered sugar into the bowl, stir until the yogurt and the powdered sugar are dissolved together, and the powdered sugar dissolves.

  4. The soft gelatin tablets are heated and stirred with the soaked cold water in water until the gelatin tablets melt and become the gelatin solution.

  5. Pour the gelatin solution into the yogurt paste and mix well

  6. Then pour in the lemon juice and mix well. At this point, the yogurt paste is very thin. Put the mixed yogurt paste in the refrigerator and chill for a while until the yogurt paste has a certain consistency.

  7. After the yogurt paste has a certain consistency, pour the whipped cream into the yoghurt paste, mix it evenly with a squeegee, and sift the yoghurt mousse in a glass (or other container). The mold can be placed in the refrigerator in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours to fully solidify. When you eat it, you can mix it with fruits, nuts, etc. You can eat it directly or you can take out the yogurt mousse. When you release the mold, wrap it in a hot towel, or use a hot air blower to blow around the mold. It's easy to demould. I took the yoghurt mousse and put it on the cherries, mint leaves, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


1, animal whipping cream, gelatin tablets, etc. can be bought in imported food supermarkets or bakery stores, personally feel that Anjia's whipping cream is rich and delicious. Gelatine is a translucent sheet. It is made from the bones of animal bones (mostly bovine bone or fish bone). It can also be made from fish gelatin powder. 2, using sugar powder instead of sugar is to better mix with yogurt, if you use sugar, it is not so good. 3, yogurt added to the gelatin solution and lemon juice will become very thin, it is best to put it in the refrigerator until it becomes thick, otherwise it is easy to defoam the light cream when mixed with the light cream, so that the finished yogurt The taste of the mouth is not soft enough. 4, the original commercial yoghurt is usually added with sugar, and then add sugar powder and lemon juice to adjust the taste, if you use unsweetened original yogurt, the amount of sugar should increase. 5, yogurt should choose yogurt instead of yogurt drinks, you can look at the ingredient list, preferably only milk, bacteria and sugar.

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