Recipe: Yogurt Frozen Cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Yogurt Frozen Cheesecake


Summer has a good taste of cold. The cake materials and practices are very simple, but the taste is not lost!



  1. Bottom part

  2. Put the biscuits into the fresh-keeping bag and grind them into biscuit crumbs with a rolling pin

  3. After the butter is heated and melted, it is evenly mixed with the biscuit crumbs, spread on the bottom of the live bottom mold and compacted. Put it in the refrigerator freezer

  4. Cheese paste portion

  5. Send whipping cream. 5 can be distributed. Put it in the refrigerator freezer

  6. The fish film is immersed in ice water to soften it, heated by water, and melted into a fish gelatin solution. spare

  7. Send cheese. After the cheese is slightly broken up, add half of the sugar in the formula and continue to send. After most of the sugar is eaten, add the other half sugar and send it until the cheese turns milky white, close to the creamy shape.

  8. Add lemon juice and yoghurt to the cheese paste and stir with a squeegee

  9. Mix well with whipped cream and cheese paste and mix well

  10. Add fish gelatin solution and mix well

  11. Pour the finished cheese paste into the mold, then gently shake the abrasive tool, level the surface, and put it in the refrigerator freezer.


This cheesecake is low in fat and low in sugar, so it is also suitable for the elderly, children and girls who are on a diet. (Cheese and yoghurt are high in calcium, delicious and nutritious) You can choose the flavor of your favorite yogurt and transform it into different styles. While modifying this tip, my family ran is making this cake. I didn't expect to write a tip of the biscuit crumbs. . . But ran really broke the storage bag. . Two floors. . It is also the last two bags in the house. . . Well, when processing biscuit crumbs, remember to put two layers of bags and put a wet rag under the bag. Before rolling, use a rolling pin to break the biscuit. .   After seeing the cake of ran, Tip 2: The fish gelatin solution can't be poured directly into the cheese paste. Instead, put a portion of the cheese paste into the fish gelatin solution, stir it evenly and then pour it back to the other cheese paste. Otherwise there will be a lot of gelatinous particles in the finished product. .

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